Ducks discovering the world



New member of the crew

Mick on ice

Lunchwalk since ages

Merry Christmas

Royal Woodworking Het Loo

Mick and Dafne


Eating with the humans-familie

The lock of Hattem

Mick and Michael walking ‘het klompenpad’

Tea with Michael and Mick

Experiencing Oostvaardersplassen 

Mick is working to!

Jan found a good friend

Mick on lunchwalk

Mick loves radish

Jan loves ‘de PTT’ 

Nice pond

Mick loves flowers

Radio Kootwijk is nice

Jan Loves Valkenburg while being captured on film

Hometown of Michael

Mick on tour

Cuddle time!

Brothers on tour

Introducing: Pien

Great location for a swim! 

Jan feels very lucky he is not a horse 

Elke loves spring! 

Introducing: Michael

Party time!

Forrest works are risky

Jan loves classic Daf 66

Introducing: Jan

Introducing: Daniël 

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