Ducks discovering the world



Merry Christmas

Man at work

So nice to become friends

Jan loves art and toys.. 

All about the meat… 

Schloss Schönbrunn 

Jan Traveling in theme

Out of the pond again

Royal Woodworking Het Loo

Mick and Dafne


Eating with the humans-familie

Jan loves Lego camera friend

The lock of Hattem

Jan loves flying

Jan is on tour again and explores Schiphol airport 

Jan loves geocaching 

Mick and Michael walking ‘het klompenpad’

Large mushrooms around

Jan loves Livingstone coffee

Experiencing Oostvaardersplassen 

Jan found a good friend

Nature makes Jan Happy

Jan loves meeting new friends

Jan loves visiting de hoge Veluwe

Mister Lisa and more Streetart in Vienna 

Jan feels the spring is here to stay.. 

Then Jan thinks it’s lunchtime! 

Jan loves posing

Jan tests a 208

Jan loves ‘de PTT’ 

Jan loved visiting ‘de Paltz’ 

Jan loves nature and loves waterdunes!

Nice pond

Mick loves flowers

Elke enjoys spring! 

Radio Kootwijk is nice

Jan Loves Valkenburg while being captured on film

Jan likes pineapple

Bronze is beautiful 

Hometown of Michael

Mick on tour

Elke is being protected 


Secure the human lunch… 

Cuddle time!

Jan loves Helsinki! 

Brothers on tour

Jan loves outdoor cooking

Jan feels a bit like a little duck

Great location for a swim! 

Jan feels very lucky he is not a horse 

Elke loves spring! 

Jan loves Heerde

Jan thinks fall might be still around 

Jan loves to relax… 

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